Our consultancy service provides support for clients embarking on expenditure program for compound purification either in terms of purchase of equipment or outsourcing purification services. This service covers the application areas and techniques outlined on our training page.

Through this service, we aspire to impart confidence and forthrightness into the decision-making process for our clients with the ultimate goal of promoting

  • Effective and more productive use of resources – time and financial
  • Optimum value for investment

This service is classified into Procurement and Outsourcing management.


We offer professional guidance to clients to help them select the most suited technology, instrument configuration and instrument vendor for their needs. This includes analytical LC-MS systems and other instruments/equipments that complement preparative chromatography.

This service is typically for clients

  • Starting-up in the purification arena.
  • Those with existing purification capabilities but wanting to expand and/or improve productivity.